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Do you want to sustainably increase your brand awareness with influencer marketing?

We at InfluenceME help you to make your brand or your product more widely known over all social channels through cooperation with selected influencers and to achieve organic growth.

Through the combination of our technology InfluenceME, the individual advice and support by our experienced team, we succeed in ensuring measurable success and optimal control of campaigns.

From small campaigns with 2-3 releases to large campaigns with 30-40 influencers, we can offer tailor-made solutions for this more and more important part of marketing.

Our range of services in the area of Influencer Marketing

Idea development
Conception of a suitable campaign idea for the customer and the target group

Preselection of appropriate influencers and coordination with the customer

Booking of the influencers selected by the client

Implementation the campaign according to the evaluated plan

Comprehensive reporting with many important performance parameters Influencer marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

The advertising world is increasingly focusing on digital advertising media, especially in the online sector. The most significant trend of recent years: the so-called Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is the title of the collaboration between companies and social influencers. These are one or more people, who are well suited for advertising and marketing ads due to their high reach on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, ...). Because the influencers mostly have a large and diverse community, they can provide them with ideas and other information. As community members mostly see the influencer (for example, the blogger) as a role model or trend-setter, this is the perfect opportunity for companies who want to promote their new products. Because this allows companies to achieve greater awareness and to increase their sales.

SOMA 2 brings influencer marketing from the unpredictable PR corner and offers influencer marketing as a precisely planable and measurable instrument for a wide range of applications in the B2C communication.

The larger the number of subscribers, the greater the impact

Having a large number of subscribers on multiple social networks is beneficial for influencer marketing, as it ensures that many people see and develop curiosity for the products. As a result, the promoted products are purchased by themselves. But not only the community of the individual influencer is reached, also the circle of friends of each viewer. This is due to the consumer society in which we live today, where everyone orients to the look or habits of others. This construct can be of great impact to companies marketing their products, as the product they provide to an influencer reaches many people and users. The product is becoming better known and can be marketed much easier. This increases not only the awareness of the product, but also the publicity of the brand or the company.

In addition to the range of influencers, the commitment of fanbases and, of course, the brandfit are important in the selection. With our data tools and our experienced team, we at the SOMA2 are in the position to advise and select here optimally.

Requirements for a successful influencer marketing

The prerequisite for such an investment in a larger influencer campaign only makes sense for brands if certain conditions are present. One of these prerequisites is the fundamental popularity of the product, to be marketed, or that of the company. The product or the brand should be known to more than 60% of the population or target group and the aim should be to gain more prominence through influencer marketing. Furthermore, not every influencer fits to every product. When looking for the right brand ambassador, it is important that the influencer in his treats topics that match the product and the company. In addition, the influencer's subscribers should be in line with the company's target audience for the product to have the best marketing opportunities. In addition to the subscriber numbers of the influencer, the comments below the individual post are important, these contain information about the consumer. In addition, the company should not give the influencer too many frameworks to promote the product, as he usually knows best how to bring a product closer to his subscribers and to arouse interest. Of course a too free framework can also be risky, which is why the choice of the influencer should be considered very carefully.

An important role here plays the trust between influencer and the company. Of course, the control of the marketing of the product or the brand is not completely given, as always briefings take place and the influencer also learns the constant support of the company.