Insta-Trends – week 14

The most important and successful sponsored instaposts in the DACH market

TOP5 Sponsored Posts by Likes
pamela_rf @calzedonia 185.7K
pamela_rf @puma 131.6K
caro_e_ @kopperandzinkswim 65.3K
marenwolf @nivea_de 58.0K
debiflue @nakdfashion 56.1K

TOP5 Sponsored Posts by Comments
xeniaoverdose @furla 5.8K
caro_e_ @kopperandzinkswim 1.1K
pamela_rf @calzedonia 1.0K
xlaeta @8x4_de 798
debiflue @nakdfashion 791

TOP5 Brands (Total Likes of involved Influencer)
calzedonia 234.3K
puma 145.0K
kopperandzinkswim 99.8K
nivea_de 58.0K
nakdfashion 56.1K

Our InfluenceME – Insta-Trends, observes the most important trends and cooperations of influencers and brands in the DACH-market week by week. Results are based on surveys of influencer and brands identified by our editorial team.

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